If you are looking for classes, events and field trip discounts REACH has it all for you.  Our family has been members since day one of homeschooling and it has provided a lot of great opportunities for us.

Va HSers

The Oganization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers is an independent, non-profit, member-driven, statewide organiation.  They are committed to providing homeschooling support to our members, as well as accurate information about homeschooling to Virginia's families, school divisions, legislators and policymakers, the media, and the community at large.

VaHomeschoolers appreciates that homeschooling families are diverse in their beliefs and backgrounds, but united in loving their children, valuing their children's education, and treasuring their freedom to homeschool.  For this reason, VaHomeschoolers is an inclusive organization and is neutral in matters of politics and religion.

Dominion Chess

Dominion Scholastic chess is  run by the people that organized events for me as a child.  Chess was a great experience for me growing up. I'm so glad to be able to share the same thing with my kids.  Dominion chess focuses on k-12 introductory rated and unrated tournaments for homeschoolers and schoolers alike.

FAYM (Fredericksburg Area Young Musicians) is a musical group that provides music classes and ensembles to homeschooled students in the greater Fredericksburg area. FAYM classes run through the Fall and Spring semesters. FAYM does not offer classes during the summer.

Classes are affordable and well run.  



API (Attachement Parenting International) is a parenting support group with a focus on gentle attachment parenting.  Monthly meetings are held at a local library.  More information can be found on the facebook page linked below. 

A certified teacher in the Southwest Virginia area. She is offering online literature, writing, and grammar classes for homeschooled high schoolers. Homeschool graduate from Southwest Virginia, she would love the opportunity to give back to homeschool communities. Seven years experience in formal education, with a desire to offer expertise to the homeschool community.

FAHA Members receive a $15 discount off their first semester.

Online ELA Courses

Member Suggested Opportunities