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Homeschool Roundup: Summa'-summa'-summa'time.

This year has felt particularly busy.  

I've always envisioned myself as a "year round" schooler, especially with how relaxed we are on a daily basis.  

This summer has been a whirlwind of camping trips, family gatherings, and celebrations.  I have taken long trips and short trips.  We have come and gone as individuals and as a family.

The point being that as the children age, my wife and I are able to travel and take some time to ourselves, which inherently puts stress on any sort of structure we have built up for schooling.  So as summer beat on, our homeschool routine became the exception and not the rule.  (which didn't stop it from looming over me constantly.)

So, to finally bring this long ramble to some semblance of a topic.

We will be talking tonight on discord (with any welcome guests) about what it is like to take a break from explicitly schooling.  When you are just teaching your kids to be good and productive people, does it make sense to relax on that, or should we just be soldiering on.