What We're About


FAHA (Fredericksburg Area Homeschoolers’ Association) began as more than a homeschool support group. It started as an intentional community, secular, close-knit, and like-minded. In 2003, the founders were immersed in attachment parenting, respectful parenting, and natural living. That is still strong in many of us, and has continued to inform our lives as our children grow. New members have been attracted to some or all of these values and interests.

Now FAHA has grown too large for everyone to know everyone else like in the early days, but as our name says, we are an association of interest-led groups. This website is a place for homeschooling families to connect with other homeschooling families in the vicinity of Fredericksburg for clubs, events, classes, projects, activities, field trips, park days and whatever else interests you and your children.



How All This Works

Despite being more in touch than we have ever been in the past, the barrier for entry is also higher than it has ever been.  I find these tech tools to be helpful, and they will the the cornerstone of our organization.  That being said, there are still lots of features I've never explored. I've made these three short videos to share what I know about the tools and how they will apply to our group.

Events Explained

Simple and streamlined way to add events to the calendar.  

I hope this video simplifies the process a little bit.

Social Media

Instagram, twitter, youtube, facebook, slamsamwitch... alright that last one isn't real.  I know there are lots of choices and people have many preferences.  I've tried to make all of these options open but not allow us to become fractured.  Take what works for you, leave the rest behind.

Discord Explained

My kids should really be making this video.  They really enjoy getting together with friends in the morning (while my coffee is still brewing). This is a great resource for getting them together safely and easily.  It works for adults to communicate, too. check it out!


FaHa now has the pleasure of partnering with the Homeschool hub classes! Check out these secular, limited commitment education opportunities.